Following a rigorous three-stage review process, UCLA’s WSCUC Accreditation was last reaffirmed in 2010. In the Commission Action Letter, UCLA was commended for the “exemplary way in which it has engaged in each stage of the accrediting process.” This page provides the timeline for links to the most important 2010 reaffirmation reports and letters, as well as links to key reports and letters from UCLA’s 1998 WSCUC Reaffirmation of Accreditation Process.

(Please note: UCLA’s 2010 and 1998 reports were prepared within the context of WSCUC Core Commitments and Standards of accreditation that differed from articulations and expectations reflected in the WSCUC 2013 Handbook of Accreditation.)


Timeline for UCLA’s 2010 Reaffirmation of Accreditation
Institutional Proposal
Submitted: May 2006
Approved: Jun 2006
Capacity & Preparatory Review
Submitted: Dec 2007
Site Visit: Oct 6-8, 2008
Approved: Feb 27, 2009
Educational Effectiveness Review
Submitted: Dec 2009
Site Visit: Feb 24-26, 2010
Approved: Jun 29, 2010


UCLA chose to undergo the 1998 WSCUC reaffirmation of accreditation process by focusing on three important campus-wide issues:

  1. Diversity
  2. General Education
  3. Performance Indicators

Key correspondence associated with the 1998 WSCUC reaffirmation include:

  • Team Letter: The WSCUC Review Team’s evaluation of UCLA’s Reports and Site Visit.
  • Chancellor’s Response: Chancellor Carnesale’s response to the final report of the WSCUC Review Team.
  • Commission Letters: Final evaluation action letter from the Commission that reaffirms UCLA’s accreditation and a short follow-up letter cancelling the Fifth Year reports.