UCLA has a long history of using institutional data and reporting to inform planning, policy development, consultation, and decision-making. The links below demonstrate UCLA’s “culture of evidence” and provide examples of resources that inform the campus. Additional specialized data and reporting reside on many other sites.

Fall 2018 – Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators (IEEI)

WSCUC Mid-Cycle Review (June 2015) – Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators (IEEI)

Graduation Rate Dashboard

UCLA’s Time to Degree and Cohort Graduation Rates, by Entry Status

(Office of Academic Planning and Budget)

Undergraduate – Graduation & Time to Degree

Graduate Education – Program Statistics – includes Time to Degree

Analytics Bridge

UCLA’s Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes

Teaching and Learning

Student Survey Reporting

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Diversity Dashboards

Information Resources